Miraculous ladybug eiffel tower

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Miraculous ladybug eiffel tower

Sure, to most people is Paris it was more than that since it was pretty much the monument of their beautiful city and practically of all of France and the people where proud of it. It was at the Eiffel Tower where they had defeated their first akuma, even if it was technically the second time since during the first time at the statium Ladybug forgot to purify the akuma. It was also at the Eiffel Towers where hundreds, maybe thousands, of corrupted akuma butterflies appeared and formed the shape of their enemy Hawkmoth who threathened everyone and declared he wanted the Miraculous the teens had in their pocession.

While frightened at first Ladybug bravely stood up and yelled for everyone to hear that they would find him, defeat him and that they would be the ones to take his Miraculous away from him. For some reason akumas often found themselves drawn to the Eiffel Tower for some reason and so many battles happened there.

While fight happened the tower often acted as a hinderence for both the akuma and for Ladybug and Chat Noir as the many large beams tended to get in the way of attacks and allowed whoever was between them to easily hide and manouver around. Thanks to all the fights that happened at it or in it the building often ended up getting some serious damage due to whatever kind of power the akuma had and sometimes also thanks to Lucky Charm and Cataclysm.

Ultimate Miraculous Ladybug Quiz

Luckily Ladybug was always able to fix whatever damage was done, returning the glorious monument back to normal. Pretty quickly during their new career they agreed that they shoud take patrols around Paris to make sure the people were also safe from other kind of dangers.

Every night they met up at the top to decide who would go which way since after the first few patrols they agreed to would be better to split up as that way they could cover more ground and safe a lot of time. When they were done they would meet up again to discuss what did or didn't happen to keep the other in the loop. While patrol was the main reason they would meet up, they would often stick around for a while and just talk.

The Eiffel Tower was the main place where Ladybug and Chat Noir learned little things of each other and became even closer and better friends as they talked about the most random little things in their life that they could talk about without giving too much personal information that could lead to them finding out who the other was. The Eiffel Tower was the place where Ladybug and Chat Noir fought akumas, met for patrols and just hung out together.

After a few years of working together they had started noticing things about each other during the talks they had as they sat side by side on the beams of the tower, legs loosely dangling in the air. One day they finished patrol again, both gave a small report and they went to sit down like always. Like usual they talked about whatever came to mind but this time they were both paying extra attention to what the other said.

Soon they found out that the suspicions they both had were true and Ladybug was the first to ask if Chat Noir was Adrien Agreste which he confirmed. They talked about all the times they had to make up weird stories to cover for them when their friends or family qiestioned them and all the times they had to multitask for those people as well as each other to keep anyone from finding out.

They both confessed that they were happy who the other was and revealed they both really loved one side of the other and really liked the other and much to their Delight they found out the feeling was mutual. It was then, there at the Eiffel Tower where Ladybug and Chat Noir shared their very first real kiss. The Eiffel Tower held many wonderful memories for the heroes and the amount would most likely only grow in the future.We all have a superhero inside us, hidden behind our daily looks.

Ladybug and Cat Noir backpacks reflect this same superhero spirit that we all carry. These backpacks are miraculous. The duo is in their teens who save France from the evil intentions of the Gabriel.

He is the villain who wants to control France by making people sad. Gabriel uses special butterflies for this. Miraculous rules the heart of many kids, teens, and adults. The most special thing about it is the touch of reality in the story. A story of teens turning into a superhero is something that instantly connects everyone. We all urge to become a superhero in any manner.

Miraculous makes this a reality. The teens instill confidence that there is magic inside us; all we need is a tool like the miraculous ring to bring it out. Miraculous is the story of every teen or adult or kid who aspires to become something great. Miraculous backpacks are for kids, teens, and adults of all gender. Miraculous itself has a male character like Cat Noir, which makes it a feast for all. These backpacks are super comfy and stylish for all ages and genders. And looking at this universal appeal of Miraculous, we have come up with a list of best miraculous backpacks for you and your loved ones.

Are ladybug and Cat Noir your favorite? Then this ladybug and cat noir daypack is your choice.

miraculous ladybug eiffel tower

The vibrant print based on ladybug and cat noir will combat all your problems like the supergirl combats the villains. The daypack has multiple pockets and adjustable straps to suit all your needs.

Moreover, the cushion based design makes it easy to carry everywhere. The perfect companion for all your ventures.

This ladybug travel backpack has an ergonomic design, mesh pockets, and big inside pockets. All this makes this backpack excellent for traveling purposes. Plus, the backpack is good to hold books, so you can take it to your college or school, which makes it the best bet for you. Marinette pulls her suit to protect the world like you pull your socks to protect your world.

Get the superhero in you started with this Marinette Ladybug Backpack. High-quality print, mesh pockets, and multiple compartments inside make this backpack the best deal you can get. This backpack is water-resistant as well.

If you are looking for a cute ladybugs backpack for someone, you are in the right place. This pink lovely ladybug backpack with Marinette has a cushy build and adjustable straps. Smooth zippers, along with a carry lop handle, are another plus of this backpack.

Whether for yourself or someone else, this backpack would be a great choice. Cat Noir is the perfect example of intelligence with looks.New Miraculous Ladybug toys are here!

This time we have a Miraculous Ladybug playset to review. This Miraculous action set includes an exclusive Ladybug action doll. The playset also comes with 2 villain character plates; Stormy Weather and Reflekta.

Attach any of the Miraculous Ladybug action figures and fly them around to defeat the villains. The Stormy Weather and Reflekta akumatized villain characters are from Miraculous Ladybug season 1, do you like their episodes? I wonder what villains will appear in Ladybug season 2.

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There will be new villains in the highly anticipated Season 2 that is to be released in May. Which villain is your favorite? While we wait for that episode 1 of Miraculous Ladybug season 2 to arrive, we can watch the new webisodes!

I don't think we'll see any new characters, but it would be fun to see all the old characters show up in the webisodes. Have you seen Miraculous Ladybug Episode 1 Webisode?? YaQurban 02 Aug, El Universo de Elisa 17 Mar, Miraculous Ladybug Ciencias Sociales.

Tema 1. Manualidades para Naviadad. Decimo de Navidad ep 5 pegapapelotijeras 17 May, Lengua Castellana.Skip to main content. Big Ben. The Whitehouse. Leaning tower of Pisa. The Eiffel Tower.

Eiffel Tower

So what city is it set in then? New York. What is Ladybug's normal name? Jean Luc. What is the name of the villain in series one? Eagle Moth. Hawk Moth. Parrot Moth. Moth moth. What are Hawk Moth's "akuma"? Butterflies infused with toxic waste. Butterflies infused with negative energy. Giant butterflies with huge teeth. Robot butterflies. He is her father!

miraculous ladybug eiffel tower

He is her brother! She is her mother! No relation. Who's Marinette's BFF? Nathalie Sancoeur. What kind of creature is a ladybug? Rate it! More tv-shows. More Stuff. More stuff. Which Water Pokemon Are You? Play the Power Rangers Spd Quiz. The Ultimate Powerpuff Girls Quiz. Which Pokemon Character Am I?

Play our Skylanders Academy Quiz. Which Wolfblood Character Are You? The Next Step Character Quiz. TV Show Emoji Quiz.We definitely identify as a Disney household, but the Miraculous series has been a welcome interruption to our regularly scheduled Puppy Dog Pals sorry! The kids liked the show so much that my daughter asked to have a Miraculous birthday party! Naturally I turned to Pinterest for decorating ideas. I decided to take the Eiffel Tower a step further…since it was such a large decoration, I thought it would be nice to get as much use out of it as possible.

After party-time is over I told them they can have the tower to play with…in order to play with it, it would need some durable characters from the show and ledges attached throughout to place those characters on.

This post may contain affiliate links, meaning as an Amazon Associate I earn commission from qualifying purchases made through these links, at no cost to you. Any links to supplies are ones that I own and have used in this tutorial and other projects. This is truly a do-it-yourself project. Find some good reference pictures, have a ruler, pencil, and eraser handy and start drawing and adjusting as you go. Have fun with the project because your kiddos will love it no matter what it looks like!

Below you will find links to google images I used for each of the characters. After you have printed out your characters, you can laminate them. I LOVE my little laminating machine. My husband got it for me last Christmas and it has been so useful!

I made shadow puppets with it about a month or so ago, click here for more info on that…. Peel up top layer and arrange your pieces on the inside, make sure that you leave enough room to cut a good size edge so that it does not peel apart later on.

Be sure to leave enough of a border so that they will not peel apart later, also make sure to cut a straight flat bottom, this will be inserted into the base to hold your paper dolls.

For a base I chose to use Premo! Get your hot glue gun ready and line the slit with hot glue and insert your character, allow to dry and they are good to go!! The two were joined using carefully placed hot glue along the edges and secured in the back with heavy duty packing tape. After your two tower pieces are secured you can begin drawing all of the inner parts.

You can either stop there and just use it as a decoration, OR you can continue on to the fun, but slightly nerve-wracking part of inserting ledges for your characters to stand on. I found these very thin wood cut-out rectangles at Hobby Lobby in the wood aisle. They were the perfect thickness and were very light, they were however a bit long.


I needed 9 ledges, so I took 5 rectangles out to the garage and got out the miter box and a small clamp so I would cut off my fingers trying to hold it steady, haha. Cut your pieces in half and lightly sand off the rough edges and head back into the house to give them each a coat of white acrylic paint.

Next, plan your placement! All you need to do is to lay your tower flat and push hard the edge of your ledge into the foam board. Now you can use whatever you have handy to push down the inner foam, giving you a small gap to insert your ledge! Of course I had to have the kids test it out and Woohoo!! It works like a charm a lucky charm they love it!

If you want to add the French flag to the top… I used felt, hot glue and a wooden dowel rod to make the flag.

The Miraculous Ladybug Museum

They were wrapped around the width, covering the top of the white flag base and cut to size at the bottom. The paint went on thick and some how distributed perfectly, I only needed the one coat, then flipped them over onto some wax paper to dry.

Using a paint brush I carefully touched up the edges where my fingers were holding. After the red paint has dried you can add your black polka dots!An infographic depicting and predicting the locations of the Chinese zodiac symbols on the box that contains the Miraculous. This was pointed out by trishmishtree.

Image source: X. Data source: X. Possible goof: The boat is parked past Notre-Dame when Marinette boards, but then we see it approaching Notre-Dame in the next scene. Maybe they did a lap around the island? It is located behind the eyes. Perhaps the most striking thing about this bone is how it resembles a pair of bat or butterfly wings, like this:.

Image sources: X - X. First Miraculous Trivia post to be made since the foundation of musee-de-miraculous. Data sources: X - X - X.

Melting the entire puddle iron structure of the Eiffel Tower which means this excludes the stone foundations, paint, etc. Image sources: XX.

miraculous ladybug eiffel tower

Data sources: XXX. So we thought about this! MLTrivia posts will be regularly scheduled and should give you your daily dose of facts relating to Miraculous Ladybug. Cats, as predatory animals, have adapted to have improved senses that make them more efficient hunters. One of these senses is their ability to see better in the dark. Rod cells are photoreceptive cells in the retina that can function in low-light environments.

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An average human has around million rod cells, but cats have six to eight times more!If something is seen in every episode, but in a repeated scene, such as the title sequence, does that mean it's in every episode? I bring this up because the Eiffel Tower is technically in every episode, but it's in the scene with Hawk Moth's lair. If the Eiffel Tower is technically in every episode, then so are the blue, green, and yellow Miraculouses. I don't think the repeated scenes should count.

However, we could specify in the appearences list. If we do that, then we would have to do that for all of the minor things we see too, wouldn't we?

Also, would we then put for the Sightings sections, "Seen in every episode of season 1," then add in the specifics in clarifying subsequent bullet points?

The Eiffel Tower is famous, ain't it? So famous it became Marinette's fav. And also a good measure-and-vantage point of theorizing about ML. Miraculous Ladybug Wiki. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Start a Wiki. I think it wouldn't matter that much unless its something thats kinda odd and that we havent seen before in a previous episode but with normal things like the Eiffel Tower its commonly seen in the backroound. But idk thats just my opinion XD. Isn't it because it's Marinettes most favourite landmark? It might be a message. Aren't we using the title sequence as it own sighting section? And the Eiffel Tower is visible in every episode so far not counting the scene with Hawk Moth's lair.

Fun fact the Eiffel Tower isn't seen from the lair in Kung Food.

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